Recent Works




Live Performance Video of  “Something New”


New Release “Angel” coming soon!!

‘Changing Sculpture’ – Instrumental

Film Music

These couple of instrumental pieces were composed for a short documentary by director William Hemminger. They showcase a mixture of modern electronic music with a traditional Japanese flare that fit well into the documentary that was about modern Japanese design.

Film music is an important tool in conveying the perfect emotion for the picture on the screen.  It plays a role just like the actors do and can make the audience cry or laugh just the same. Music has so much to offer the world.

Solo Guitar

‘Breaking’ is a piece written for Classical Guitar Quartet


“Treasure” Tequila Avion Viral Video Competition

Written and Directed by William Hemminger

Score by Lee Mayeux and Charlie McCord

Looking into the future with a combination of heavy distorted guitars and electronic production in this piece entitled ‘Sleeper’

About Charlie

Los Angeles based composer, songwriter and guitarist working on making unique and soulful music for your ears to open up to. Charlie’s projects range widely from film scoring to live instrumental and vocal bands, from classical and Latin American nylon guitar to low-key electronic music. Take in the sounds to bring in some good feelings.


For live music bookings, film scoring & publications:

Charlie McCord – – (323) 397-2790

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