Classical Guitar

Charlie McCord graduated with a Bachelors degree in Music for guitar performance at Loyola Marymount University in 2011.  He studied Classical and Latin American Guitar under the wonderful Martha Masters. During his studies, Charlie also received instruction on composition under Mark Saya.  While attending university, Charlie composed a number of pieces for the nylon string guitar and had the opportunity to perform them in front of fellow students and faculty at LMU.  The music program there provided Charlie with the extra knowledge that has helped him down this path of creativity and music.

Guitar Quartet

Breaking is a piece composed for Guitar Quartet in 2011.  After having played in so many guitar ensembles at LMU under the supervision of Michael Miranda and Martha Masters, the inspiration came to write his own quartets. This piece paints an emotional picture and sound scape along the lines of Debussy.


Latin Guitar Ensemble

The series of short pieces below were composed for a Latin Guitar Ensemble, all of which were featured in the online video series “Treasure” that was entered in an Avion Tequila Competition in July 2014.  All pieces are performed by Charlie McCord and Recorded by Lee Mayeux at Live Direct Production.



For booking Classical/ Latin guitar or for publications and commissions:

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