Performance Groups

Charlie plays with various groups around LA and is currently working on finishing up songs for an album and a few single releases for So So Winner, PC Exchange, Bananas and solo as Charles.

So So Winner

Brothers Lee Mayeux and Charlie McCord come together in this groove-rock group.  So So Winner is the culmination of 10 years of playing and writing music together for various bands and film/commercial scores. A debut album coming in 2015!

A Collaboration for film music:

PC Exchange

Electronic groove band featuring guitars, synth station and vocals from Charlie McCord and Pedro Honess on the drum set and beat machines. An outgrowth from Charlie’s solo project – Charles – and instrumental jam band – Bananas.


Charles is a solo project influenced by the emerging technology in the music world, mainly the functionality of performance in the electronic scene. Stylistically, it is groove-oriented, laced with electric or nylon guitars, synths, drum machines and vocals to create a sound like a melting pot of influences.

Bananas Would Go Well With This

 Bananas is an instrumental funk/ambient jam band that has been playing bars around Los Angeles since 2013, after being a house party band for the year and a half prior. Charlie McCord on guitars, James Mollison on bass and Pedro Honess on drums. Check out a nice interview our friends at RudeTOON Records Here

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